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RW NetServer 3.23


Welcome to the documentation for RW NetServer, a routing add-on for web mapping servers.


This document is also available as a PDF file from the website for easier printing and reading off-line.


Main routing facilities


Shortest / fastest path

Supports one-way streets

Limit routes to vehicles < x tons etc.

Dynamic segmentation

Supports turn restrictions

Flexible driving directions

Output in both SHP, TAB, MIF, KML2 or GML2 format

Find nearest facility

Travelling salesman optimization

Drive-time regions

Works with your own data

Works with very large street databases


POI lists





Runs on Windows or Linux (x86, kernel 2.2 or 2.4)

Self contained, easy setup




Native clients for almost any development language available

Compatible with most web mapping servers (ArcIMS, MapXtreme, ......)