Main applications:

Version Application Demo Documentation (on-line) Documentation (PDF) Brochure (PDF) Trial license
RW Net 4.20   Demo, 4 MB Read 722 Kb 163 Kb Click
RW Net 2.44 Free edition, 4.8 Mb Demo, 848 Kb Read 1015 Kb 164 Kb Click
RW NetServer 3.22 5.6 MB (*) Live Read 1006 Kb 133 Kb Click
FleetEngine 1.13r10 7 MB (*) Live Read 368 Kb   Click
RouteFinder for MapInfo 4.03 7.0 MB (*)   Read 3.6 Mb 240 Kb Click
RouteFinder for ArcGIS 3.00 2 MB (*)   691 Kb    
RouteWare Studio 1.03 4.2 MB (*)   Read 332 Kb   Click

(*) = Requires license file to activate

Previous versions

RouteFinder for ArcGIS 1.04 ArcGIS 8, 2082 Kb
ArcGIS 9, 2083 Kb
RouteFinder for MapInfo 3.74 2530 Kb
RouteFinder for MapInfo 2.02 2105 Kb
Topology Checker 1.00 820 Kb


Meridian 2: Street network for the UK, scale 1:50000. Ready for use in most of our products. TAB or SHP format (app. 33 Mb), released Jan 2014.
This edition has been compiled Apr 2014, from Ordnance Survey OpenData.


ITN > RouteWare 1.20 (1.9 Mb): Converter application. Description here

OSM > RouteWare 1.10 (1.9 Mb): Converter application. Description here

TomTom > RouteWare 1.41 (5.5 Mb): Converter application. Description here

NavTeq data 1.1: This document describes how to use NavTeq data with our software.

TIGER Converter 2.0 (628 Kb): Application for transforming TIGER files into MIF/SHP/TAB/GML2 format ready to be used by several RouteWare applications.

TAB <> MIF <> SHP (1 Kb): How to do command line conversion between TAB, SHP and MIF files (free).


GridFactory 1.02 (970 Kb): Application for generating standardized grids (EuroGrid and the Danish "Kvadratnettet" included)

ToolBox v1.07 for MapInfo (179 Kb): Collection of mapbasic applications. Description here
Mapbasic source code for ToolBox (28 Kb)

MITAB DLL 1.7.0c (600 Kb): In both 32 and 64-bit versions.

Convex hull (165 Kb): Create convex hulls just by clicking on the screen. If you do not know what a convex hull is, this is the way to go. Uses Quickhull algorithm.

MapInfo DAT format (4 Kb): Description of the MapInfo DAT format (it is NOT just DBF).

Matrix > Diagonal > Array (22 Kb): Spreadsheet which shows how to store the upper diagonal of a distance matrix in a 1-D array.

Adding of MIF files (24 Kb): Command line tool for adding several MIF files with the same structure together.

Adding of DBF files (24 Kb): Command line tool for adding several DBF files with the same structure together.