Main applications:

Version Application Demo Documentation (on-line) Documentation (PDF) Trial license
RouteFinder for MapInfo 4.14 8.2 MB (*)   Read 3.6 Mb Click
RW Net 4.25   Demo, 4 MB Read 722 Kb Click
RW Net 2.44 Free edition, 4.8 Mb Demo, 848 Kb Read 1015 Kb  
RW NetServer 3.22 5.6 MB (*) Live Read 1006 Kb Click
FleetEngine 1.14r5 8 MB (*) Live Read 368 Kb Click
RouteWare Studio 1.06 2.8 MB (*)   Read 332 Kb Click

(*) = Requires license file to activate

Previous versions

RouteFinder for MapInfo 3.74
2530 Kb
2105 Kb
RouteFinder for ArcGIS 3.00
2 MB
ArcGIS 8, 2082 Kb
ArcGIS 9, 2083 Kb


Meridian 2: Street network for the UK, scale 1:50000. Ready for use in most of our products. TAB or SHP format (app. 33 Mb), released Jan 2014.
This edition has been compiled Apr 2014, from Ordnance Survey OpenData.


ITN > RouteWare 1.21 (1.9 Mb): Converter application. Description here

OSM > RouteWare 1.13 (1.9 Mb): Converter application. Description here

TomTom > RouteWare 1.43 (5.5 Mb): Converter application. Description here

NavTeq data 1.1: This document describes how to use NavTeq data (HERE) with our software.

TIGER Converter 2.0 (628 Kb): Application for transforming TIGER files into MIF/SHP/TAB/GML2 format ready to be used by several RouteWare applications.

TAB <> MIF <> SHP (1 Kb): How to do command line conversion between TAB, SHP and MIF files (free).


GridFactory 1.02 (970 Kb): Application for generating standardized grids (EuroGrid and the Danish "Kvadratnettet" included)

ToolBox v1.07 for MapInfo (179 Kb): Collection of mapbasic applications. Description here
Mapbasic source code for ToolBox (28 Kb)

MITAB DLL 1.7.0c (600 Kb): In both 32 and 64-bit versions.

Convex hull (165 Kb): Create convex hulls just by clicking on the screen. If you do not know what a convex hull is, this is the way to go. Uses Quickhull algorithm.

MapInfo DAT format (4 Kb): Description of the MapInfo DAT format (it is NOT just DBF).

Matrix > Diagonal > Array (22 Kb): Spreadsheet which shows how to store the upper diagonal of a distance matrix in a 1-D array.

Adding of MIF files (24 Kb): Command line tool for adding several MIF files with the same structure together.

Adding of DBF files (24 Kb): Command line tool for adding several DBF files with the same structure together.