Service time

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Service time is normally specified is a Job parameter, but can be specified as a resource specific constant too, if different resources types have different characteristics.



This is the base service time, specified for the job itself. Most setups will only use this one.



This is a resource type specific constant.



This value depends on the "size" of the job , where a value for each capacity index can be defined.




When picking up students there may be small and big busses (resource types), where the small busses can make a stop in shorter time, but the students can get in and out faster from the big bus (multiple doors).


Small bus, pickup:

ServiceTimePerJob = 0.4 (24 sec)

ServiceTimePerDemand = 0.10 (6 sec)


5 students: 0.4 + 5 x 0.10 = 0.90 min (54 sec)


Big bus, pickup:

ServiceTimePerJob = 0.6 (36 secs)

ServiceTimePerDemand = 0.05 (3 sec)


5 students: 0.6 + 5 x 0.05 = 0.85 min (51 sec)


Similar values can be entered for delivery.