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If matrix parameter is "InXML", you need to supply a (distance, time) matrix as part of the input XML. Please see the sample (dummy.xml) for exact format.


Number of elements in matrix: (Depots+2*Jobs)*(Depots+2*Jobs-1)


InXML only allows one resourcetype, no job directions and no standby jobs. If no delivery node in the XML, use 0 in the string below.


Order of depots and jobs determine the order in the (distance, time) matrix. Example with 2 depots and 2 jobs:


Depot1 > Depot2

Depot1 > Job1_Pickup

Depot1 > Job2_Pickup

Depot1 > Job1_Delivery

Depot1 > Job2_Delivery

Depot2 > Depot1

Depot2 > Job1_Pickup

Depot2 > Job2_Pickup

Depot2 > Job1_Delivery

Depot2 > Job2_Delivery

Job1_Pickup > Depot1

Job1_Pickup > Depot2

Job1_Pickup > Job2_Pickup

Job1_Pickup > Job1_Delivery

Job1_Pickup > Job2_Delivery

Job2_Pickup > Depot1

Job2_Pickup > Depot2

Job2_Pickup > Job1_Pickup

Job2_Pickup > Job1_Delivery

Job2_Pickup > Job2_Delivery

Job1_Delivery > Depot1

Job1_Delivery > Depot2

Job1_Delivery > Job1_Pickup

Job1_Delivery > Job2_Pickup

Job1_Delivery > Job2_Delivery

Job2_Delivery > Depot1

Job2_Delivery > Depot2

Job2_Delivery > Job1_Pickup

Job2_Delivery > Job2_Pickup

Job2_Delivery > Job1_Delivery