License terms

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License terms for FleetEngine, Apr 2011


All copyrights belong to RouteWare.


Disassemble or reverse engineering of FleetEngine binaries is not allowed.


Licensor is allowed to make copies of FleetEngine for backup purposes only.


Licensor is not allowed to sell or in any other way hand over the right to use the software to any other party.


RouteWare is not responsible for any problems, direct or indirect, which FleetEngine may cause - no matter what the reason may be.


Any problem / error will be corrected as fast as possible within normal business hours. If RouteWare is not able to correct problems, which to a severe degree affect the functionality of the software, a refund is made, which matches the degree to which the software doesn't function properly. This refund is based on what the licensor has paid within the previous 12 months and cannot exceed this amount.


Licensor gets free updates for all minor updates (1.x versions). If licensor has a time-limited license (typically 1 or 2 years), there is also free access to major updates within the licensing period.


Licensor is allowed to run as many instances of FleetEngine as the license allows for production use. This is either 1 (non-site licenses) or multiple (site licenses).


Licensor may also install it on 1 or more development computers, which is only being used for testing / development.