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This list is only about new features. See history.txt document for details on bug fixes.


Version 1.15 (28. Nov 2017)

Added parameter ServiceTimeMode


Version 1.14 (8. Jan 2015)

Added UTurnTime to prevent too many u-turns

Added StopRatio as new stopping mechanism

Additional output information

Optional saving of graph in desktop version to PNG.


Version 1.13 (11. Sep 2013)

Server: Task garbage collection

Server: Distance matrix progress event

Light version has been removed.


Version 1.12 (14. Aug 2013)

Preferred resources


Version 1.11 (19. May 2013)

Server split into .NET executable and native DLL. WCF compatible.

This requires a new client, since wsdl has changed.

Uses MS XML 6 instead of MS XML 4

64-bit version of server and desktop version


Version 1.10 (21. Mar 2013)

Job time intervals (visit customer every N days)


Version 1.09 (25. Oct 2012)

Alternative time windows for the same job can have different costs.

Network Importer application replaced by RouteWare Studio.


Version 1.08 (25. Sep 2012)

No new features


Version 1.07 (4. Jun 2012)

Initial solution is now much better, meaning you get good quality solutions in shorter time.


Version 1.06 (20. Mar 2012)

Desktop version has built-in GIS viewer functionality

Delivery tasks can be formulated without using pickup node as proxy

Various performance optimizations


Version 1.05 (15. Jan 2012)

Support in optimization for incompatible jobs

Driving directions in XML output

Option to use warning on infeasible jobs

Viewer library expanded

RW Net 4 license option


Version 1.04 (28. Nov 2011)

No new features


Version 1.03 (9. Nov 2011)

Support in optimization for job priorities, standby jobs, breaks and work load balancing

GIS output options in XML files

New GIS viewer

ArcGIS sample added

Updated documentation in many places

Schemas has been updated to be more strict on sign of numbers

GUI version renamed as Desktop version


Version 1.02 (18. Aug 2011)

Performance improvements (up to a factor 3 for some tasks)

Support for no-drive-through bits in attribute field

Network encryption


Version 1.01 (10. May 2011)

Added new options for job and directions - pickup and delivery


Version 1.00 (11. Apr 2011)