Desktop optimizer

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The Desktop optimizer allows you to run optimizations without starting the server or using the COM version:


It can handle a single task at a time

It runs locally

Monitor is built-in and results presented on a graph

XML output is nicely formatted, making it easier to view.

It creates intermediate XML results automatically as new and better solutions are found.

Graph can be saved in PNG format at the end of the process. Filename is the same as the input-file, just with PNG as extension.

It can also call the Viewer library automatically during the optimization process so you can create GIS files and follow output on a map.


Otherwise they share XML input/output format, configuration file format and the core optimizer. Both are self-contained.


No installation is needed, beyond setting up configuration file in advance. Just run FleetEngineDesktop.exe file from Binary folder.


Navigate to an input file, eventually update the output file name and finally click Start.