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This is an application for turning an ArcGIS file geodatabase into FleetEngine XML format, using Python.


The data are the same as those in the OSM sample and uses the same network.


Generally it is meant as a starting point for your own development / experiments.


The model doesn't include all possible elements in FleetEngine:

Job time windows and direction are for instance excluded, but can be added.

Similar it shows pickup jobs only.



Open the MXD (to load the required data). This requires that link.shp is in folder \network\shp\ as in the default setup.

Open the python window, right click and load "".

Press the Carriage Return button when in the Python window to run the program.

XML file is written to the directory containing the Python program.


You can now run the generated task.xml file through FleetEngine.


Other options for running Python code

Python code can be called from ArcGIS modelbuilder, added as a tool in Toolbox (and placed behind a button on a toolbar) or called from a .NET Arcobjects application. ESRI provides the ArcPy site package – this can be accessed by an IDE outside of the ArcGIS python window – such as Eclipse.


System requirements

ArcGIS version 10.0 (Basic / Standard / Advanced)

Python 2.6 (for use of ArcPy site package installed with ArcGIS 10)



Familiarity with ArcGIS File Geodatabase format (.GDB)

Basic understanding of ArcGIS 10 ArcPy site package and Python 2.6