Applications overview

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FleetEngine consists of 6 applications:


Network Import

This is for setting up a street network (SHP / MIF / TAB) for use in the optimizer. A network is optional.


FleetEngine SOAP server

The main optimizing application.



This allows you to monitor status of all tasks and start / stop individual tasks on the SOAP server.


FleetEngine Desktop optimizer

This allows you to run single tasks and easily follow progress. Good for ad-hoc tasks and testing.

Allows calling the viewer application as an integrated part.


FleetEngine COM library

This is a slightly simpler COM version of the SOAP server, allowing optimizing a single task at a time.



This allows to you to merge the input and output from a calculation and generate GIS-files that can be viewed in your favourite GIS.


SOAP server, Desktop optimizer and COM library are all fully self-contained and do not require any of the other applications.



SOAP server and Desktop optimizer are available as 64-bit applications too.