RW Studio 2.00

We are looking for beta testers of this application. Beta testing started in January 2017. Beta 2 is now available.
Please contact us on e-mail, if you are interested.

RW Studio is a standalone windows application, which is aimed at doing routing calculations from an easy to use interface.
It is the same kind of functionality as you find in RouteFinder for MapInfo, but it also aims at ArcGIS and QGIS users.

Main features:

 • Importing street networks from SHP, TAB, MS SQL, Oracle and PostGreSQL
 • Export to SHP, TAB, MIF, GeoJSON, GML or CSV
 • Vehicle type editor
 • Network statistics
 • Distance matrices
 • Topological checks

Routing features:

 • Shortest / fastest route
 • Dynamic segmentation
 • One-ways
 • Turn restrictions
 • Scalar restrictions (weight, width etc.)
 • Bitwise restrictions (avoid bridges, toll roads etc)

More features to be included later on.

System requirements:

64-bit Windows

Same level as RouteFinder.