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This record is used when defining a job, as part of TTSPwindow class.


It consists of 2 parts, input and output.


Servicetime must fit within the time window, i.e. ServiceTime <= WindowStopTime - WindowStartTime


If Standby is true, the job has no "location" (MatrixID is ignored) and the length of the job includes drivetime before and after standby period.

Also the timewindow need to be specified and is used as total period (worktime is also ignored).


Output is best understood by reading the sample code and looking at the generated file.


TJob = record

 // input

 ServiceTime:     TTime     // minutes, default 0

 WindowStartTime: TTime     // timestamp, default 0

 WindowStopTime: TTime     // timestamp, default 0

 MatrixID:       integer   // default index+1

 StandBy:         Boolean   // default false


 // output

 Wait:           TTime     // minutes

 BreakBefore:     TTime     // minutes

 BreakAfter:     TTime     // minutes

 StartTime:       TTime     // timestamp

 DriveTimeToNext: TTime     // minutes

 DriveDistToNext: TCost     // distance