RW Net 2.44 - Overview

RW Net 2 has now been replaced by RW Net 4.

It is only relevant for legacy reasons or if your platform (DLL / WinCE / older Delphi compiler) isn't covered by RW Net 4.
We shall keep maintaining it for a while, but do only expect bug fixes, not improvements or new functionality.
A license for RW Net 4 also covers RW Net 2 if you need it. Let us know.

"I am still amazed by the speed of your routing engine. It has opened up whole new possibilities for us. With any other routing product this simply just would not have been possible. And we have tried them all."
Walter Bechtiger, Point-X.

Tool for

 • Developers who need to create routing-enabled applications (desktop, server, web ..)
 • Power users who need to do complex network analysis: TSP, Isochrones, Join network, locate subnets ...

The licencing structure is just the way you want it: Almost royalty-free and you only have to upgrade, when you want to!


Any Mapinfo TAB-file (native support), MapInfo mif/mid-file, ArcView SHP-file or CartoWorld CGF file with a (poly)line network which does not need topology. However lines do have to connect ("snap").
TIGER/Line, GDT, TeleAtlas ... could be a source.

You are not limited to road networks: RW Net can also be used for pipelines, telecommunication, rivers, etc.


Routes, isochrones, distances, travelling times ....

RW Net is very flexible in terms of giving you access to the results in the way you want them: Directly as output to TAB/SHP/MIF/GML/KML or querying individual parts of a route, isochrone, etc.

RW Net works perfectly together with any mapping component: MapX, MapObjects, CartoVCL/CartoX, GeoObjects ...


 • Active-X: Visual Basic, Visual C++, ArcGIS 8 / 9, PowerBuilder ...
 • 32-bit DLL: MapBasic and ArcView 3
 • .NET 1.1 & 2.0 assembly: C#, VB.NET ....
 • Delphi 5-7, 2005-2010-XE
 • Free Pascal 2.4.4, WinCE, ARM (Pro only)

(The Delphi versions do not work with personal, open, or trial versions of the compiler)

RW Net can also be used in combination with your desktop GIS, if you are doing analysis for yourself and do not need to distribute applications. However you still need some programming experience.

Feature Matrix

RW Net has four levels of functionality:

Free Carto Standard Pro
Link limit 3,000 500,000 500,000 80,000,000
Coordinate system: Lat/long, Km, metres, feet, etc. + + + +
Create networks from TAB/SHP/MIF/CGF + CGF + +
Great circle distance (node-to-node & point-to-point) + + + +
Shortest route (node-to-node) + + + +
One-way streets & 4 modes + + + +
Save results directly to TAB/SHP/MIF/GML/KML + + + +
Nearest node (location-to-node) + + + +
Fastest, cheapest ... route (node-to-node) + + + +
32 road classes + + + +
Distance-tables (+) (+) + +
Nearest node, fast search (location-to-node)   + + +
Driving directions     + +
Turn restrictions     + +
Dynamic segmentation + Curb approach     + +
Isochrones (link-based)     + +
Nearest facility     + +
Multi-centred Isochrones (link or grid-based)
for analysis of location of facilities
    + +
Isochrones (drive-time polygons)
TAB, SHP, MIF, GML, KML output
    + +
Travelling salesman (TSP)     + +
Up to 5-10 times faster route calculation
by accepting specific inaccuracy
    + +
Support for limiting a route to links,
where high/heavy/wide vehicles can pass
    + +
Hierarchical routing       +
Asymmetric Travelling salesman (ATSP-mode)       +
Chinese Postman optimization
(aka. arc-routing)
School district analysis       +
Identify links, which can be joined       +
Identify subnets, parallel links, cul-de-sacs,
close nodes, overpasses etc.
Encryption       +
Network Center       +
Traffic assignment       +

To learn more about RW Net, read the documentation which is included in RW Net Free or read the PDF version.

You can follow the latest developments by reading the current History.txt here.