RouteFinder 3.00 for ArcGIS 8 & 9

RouteFinder is an extension for users of ArcGIS 8 & 9 who need to solve routing-related problems, but without doing any programming.

RouteFinder for ArcGIS is based on RW Net and makes most of the functionality available to the user with easy access to the fast routing engine.

With RouteFinder for ArcGIS you will be able to:

 • Calculate the route from one point to another, with any number of via points
 • Use dynamic segmentation in the routing
 • Create isochrones from one or more points at a time (for analysis of location of facilities)
 • Create distance tables
 • Calculate the best sequence in which to visit a number of customers
 • Get route descriptions
 • Temporarily close or slow down roads
 • Work with very big networks
 • Identify topological problems in road networks

To learn more about RouteFinder for ArcGIS:
- check out the screen shots.
- download the free edition with limited functionality (see below).

RouteFinder for ArcGIS includes sample data from these datasets:
- AA (UK, copyright of the Automobile Association)
- GisNET (UK + Ireland).
- DAV (Denmark).

Feature matrix

RouteFinder for ArcGIS has three levels of functionality:

  Free Standard Pro
Size of datasets (# of records) 0 - 3,000 0 - 500,000 0 - 16,000,000
Support of all ArcGIS coordinate units
(also latitude/longitude)
Yes Yes Yes
Choice of Km or Miles as unit of distance Yes Yes Yes
Creates topological networks directly from SHP files
(but not geodatabase or coverages)
Yes Yes Yes
Shortest / fastest path with point-&-click Yes Yes Yes
One-way streets Yes Yes Yes
Via points Yes Yes Yes
32 road classes Yes Yes Yes
Dynamic segmentation mode   Yes Yes
Routing via selection from gazetteer, i.e. towns   Yes Yes
Travelling salesman with point-&-click   Max 300 centres Yes
Isochrones (polygon-based)   Max 300 centres Yes
Multi-centred isochrones (voronoi-based)   Max 300 centres Yes
Multi-centred isochrones (link or grid-based)
for analysis of location of facilities
  Max 300 centres Yes
Nearest centre analysis   Max 300 centres Yes
Distance-tables with optional route objects   Max 300 centres Yes
Nearest N centres   Max 300 centres Yes
Update Point Table   Yes Yes
Route Pairs   Yes Yes
Route descriptions   Yes Yes
Dynamic cut-offs and slowing down of links     Yes
Tools for identification of network issues:
Subnets, Parallel links, Cul-de-sacs,
Close nodes, Join links, Unused links,
Overpasses check, Node-link check

Click here to see a list of the new features in version 3.00

System requirements

 • RouteFinder for ArcGIS requires ArcGIS 8.x/9.x (ArcView/ArcEditor/ArcInfo)
 • Uses 7 MB harddisk space only (includes sample data)
 • Memory requirements depend on the size of your road data: 100,000 links equals approx. 5 MB RAM