Roadmap - May 2017

These are our plans and best intentions at the time of writing, but plans
changes according to market demands and customer wishes, so no promises are made!


Version 1.14 is now very stable and we have mostly feature-frozen it.
Work on version 2 is moving steadily and it is mostly focused on speed of calculations,
rather than a lot of new functionality.

RouteFinder for MapInfo

Version 5.06 is for 32 and 64-bit MapInfo.

RW Net 4

This has reached version 4.27 at the moment and shall gradually be extended with
more functionality and made even faster by various low-level improvements.
Support for Android and iOS has been added through MONO.
Direct import from SQL server, PostGIS and Oracle has been added.

RW Studio 2

2.00 has just been released and a lot more functionality from the SDK is
about to be added.

RW NetServer 3

This will only receive minor updates based on customer wishes, bug corrections etc.