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20-Oct-2014 OSM Converter 1.10

Lots of new and improved features

14-Oct-2014 Agreement with Pitney Bowes

RouteWare have entered into an agreement with Pitney Bowes,
the company behind MapInfo Professional, to resell our RouteFinder application.
This will be as a white-labelled product, which is 99% the same as "our" RouteFinder.

It was previously announced at the partner conference in Memphis in June 2014
and there will also be a technical workshop around RouteFinder at their EMEA partner conference
in Amsterdam, this week. RouteWare shall also be present.
The actual launch will be quite soon, please see for updates.

To avoid any confusion: RouteWare shall keep developing and reselling RouteFinder.
This also do not affect any of our other products.

1-Oct-2014 MITAB 1.7.0c

With 19 new datums from MapInfo all up to version 12.5

29-Sep-2014 RouteFinder 4.02

Bug fixes

22-Sep-2014 RouteFinder 4.01

Bug fixes

21-Aug-2014 RW NetServer 3.22

With Python client and other minor updates

12-Jul-2014 RW Net 4.19

New platforms supported:
Silverlight, Delphi XE6, 64-bit MapInfo

1-Jul-2014 RouteFinder 4.00

Major new release !!

30-Apr-2014 ITN converter

Now with support for ferries

29-Apr-2014 MapInfo User Conference, Memphis

We are attending, please let us know if you want to meet.

27-Apr-2014 OSM Converter 1.08

With new options for tunnels, lanes, toll, ferries

22-Apr-2014 Meridian 2

Updated to Jan 2014 version

27-Feb-2014 RW Net 4.18

Improved performance for the .NET version.
Various other (bug)fixes.

25-Jan-2014 RW Net 4.17

GeoJSON and Mono/Android support

20-Jan-2014 RouteFinder 4 - beta 6

If you are interested in testing, please let us know.

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