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1-Oct-2014 MITAB 1.7.0c

With 19 new datums from MapInfo all up to version 12.5

29-Sep-2014 RouteFinder 4.02

Bug fixes

22-Sep-2014 RouteFinder 4.01

Bug fixes

21-Aug-2014 RW NetServer 3.22

With Python client and other minor updates

12-Jul-2014 RW Net 4.19

New platforms supported:
Silverlight, Delphi XE6, 64-bit MapInfo

1-Jul-2014 RouteFinder 4.00

Major new release !!

30-Apr-2014 ITN converter

Now with support for ferries

29-Apr-2014 MapInfo User Conference, Memphis

We are attending, please let us know if you want to meet.

27-Apr-2014 OSM Converter 1.08

With new options for tunnels, lanes, toll, ferries

22-Apr-2014 Meridian 2

Updated to Jan 2014 version

27-Feb-2014 RW Net 4.18

Improved performance for the .NET version.
Various other (bug)fixes.

25-Jan-2014 RW Net 4.17

GeoJSON and Mono/Android support

20-Jan-2014 RouteFinder 4 - beta 6

If you are interested in testing, please let us know.

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