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4-Jan-2017 RW Studio 2 - beta test

We are looking for beta testers.

8-Nov-2016 RouteFinder 5.03 for MapInfo

A few bug fixes

28-Sep-2016 RouteFinder 5.02 for MapInfo

Now in a 32-bit version. Bugfixes too.

15-Aug-2016 RouteFinder 5.01 for MapInfo

Bug fixes

7-Aug-2016 RW Net 4.26

Mostly bug fixes and minor enhancements

26-Jun-2016 RouteFinder 5.00 for MapInfo

First 64-bit of RouteFinder for MapInfo

25-Apr-2016 RW Net 4.25

Support for PostGIS, many other improvements

29-Mar-2016 TomTom Converter 1.43

Extended output of turn restrictions

22-Mar-2016 ITN converter 1.21

Updated to better support RouteFinder 5

18-Jan-2016 RW Studio 1.06

Minor updates

7-Jan-2016 RW Net 4.24

Various new features, performance improvements and bug fixes

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