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21-Sep-2015 RouteFinder 5

Pre-release information about RouteFinder 5

28-Aug-2015 RouteFinder 4.12

Bug fixes

4-Jul-2015 RouteFinder 4.11

Bug fixes

9-Jun-2015 RouteFinder 4.10

Several new options and also some bug fixes. Still 32-bit only.

25-May-2015 RW Net 4.22

Fixes and updates

10-May-2015 FleetEngine 1.14 r3

Bug fix release

30-Apr-2015 64-bit Desktop applications

We are gradually moving to releasing our various desktop applications as 64-bit only.
The OSM converter has been it for a while and now the Studio is also 64-bit.
Next step is FleetEngine 2 and also RouteFinder 5.

30-Apr-2015 RW Studio 1.04

Updated, 64-bit only from now.

30-Apr-2015 TomTom converter

Minor update

18-Feb-2015 RW Net 4.21

Minor fixes and updates

13-Jan-2015 FleetEngine 1.14

With intelligent and automatic stopping criteria

13-Jan-2015 RouteFinder 4.04

Minor fixes

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